Why only do ordinary when you could do extraordinary?
Why only do ordinary when you could do extraordinary?

Black Zirconium and Meteorite Wedding Ring 800-00091

SKU: 001-800-00091

Black zirconium and meteorite band with crosshatch design

The inlay in this ring can be altered into a variety of patterns. Call or come in for an array of possibilities. Ring can also be engraved.

Authentic Gibeon Meteorite, from the West African country of Namibia and classified as an octahedrite crystalline structure. This pattern (Widmanstatten) was caused by the slow cooling of the meteorite in space

Black Zirconium: Hardness 8.5
Naturally silver gray in color, zirconium gets its black appearance through a proprietary heating process, oxidizing the metal. Durable because of its high hardness, it is a good option if you have metal allergies or sensitivities.

Zirconium rings need no special care. Made in the USA. Hand crafted with a lifetime warranty.


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