Why only do ordinary when you could do extraordinary?
Why only do ordinary when you could do extraordinary?

Art deco is a favorite for men who value elegant jewelry. The evergreen pieces of art deco jewelry still dominate the fashion industry more than 100 years since the design was first developed. Art deco jewelry tells who you are. However, it is not easy to identify this style of jewelry, especially if you are new in the field. Here are a few tips on how you can pick a genuine art deco and step out among other men.

What is Art Deco?

To identify genuine art deco jewelry, you need to understand jewelry history. Art deco jewelry is a style that stood out in the art deco period of 1910 to the 1930s. Some of the best designs were, however, designed in the 1920s. Jewelry from the art deco period is conspicuous due to its emphasis on color, abstraction, linear geometric patterns, and angular shapes. The art deco looks like they are machine-made and may confuse you if you are not keen. To identify genuine art deco jewelry, look for the following.


Although art deco jewelry may spot any color, black (onyx), red (coral), white (diamond), blue (sapphire), and green (emerald) colors dominated the art deco period. Consequently, genuine art deco jewelry carries the colors that dominated the art deco period. 

Cuts on the Precious Stone 

If you are looking for diamond jewelry, the cuts on the diamond are either emerald, baguette, or asscher cuts. Round cuts were not common in the art deco period.


However appealing it may be, a piece of artistic jewelry made of yellow gold is not from the art deco period. Platinum and white gold dominated the art deco period.

Hinges, Catches, and Clasps

Art deco jewelry was handmade. Look at the hinges, catches, and clasps to tell whether they are Craftmade. If they look machine-made, then they are not genuine.

Where To Find Art Deco Jewelry?

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