Why only do ordinary when you could do extraordinary?
Why only do ordinary when you could do extraordinary?

Morganite is a rare pink gemstone with excellent durability and high flashes of brilliance. Its warm rosy overtones make this enchanting semi-precious stone an extremely popular alternative to diamonds in engagement rings, second only to sapphires. As a symbol of divine love, Morganite is said to cleanse the body of stress and anxiety while healing old traumas. Like with any jewelry, there are easy ways to keep your Morganite jewelry looking brilliant and clean with at-home solutions.

How To Clean Morganite Jewelry At Home

With consistent and careful cleaning, you can ensure that your beautiful Morganite pieces remain free of the kinds of dirt and oil that cause cloudiness. Follow these instructions carefully for best results:

  1. Begin with a bowl large enough to hold your Morganite jewelry pieces. Fill it with warm water (think hot tub warm, not boiling hot) and allow your jewelry to soak for a couple of minutes.
  2. Add about a teaspoon of dish soap to the bowl of water to create a foamy mixture. Make sure the soap you use is bleach-free and contains no dyes.
  3. Using a toothbrush with soft bristles (a kid’s toothbrush works well), gently brush the soapy solution around the entire jewelry piece for a good 2-5 minutes. Be sure to get into the small spaces underneath the stone and any hard-to-reach places where grime tends to build up.
  4. If necessary, you can repeat the soak and scrub process, or introduce a few spritzes of Windex to really get a good shine going.
  5. Rinse well with water to flush out any remaining debris. Shake off excess water to assure there is nothing left behind to leave a dried film.
  6. Dry your Morganite jewelry with a soft cloth, or even a blow dryer.

Extra Care Tips

Morganite comes from the beryl category of minerals, which puts it in the same family as emerald and aquamarine. These types of precious stones score between 7.5 to 8 on the Mohs scale of hardness which means they are considered durable but not immune to scratches. Like with most jewels, keep your Morganite safely stowed when it’s not being worn. It is also wise to remove your Morganite pieces before they are exposed to things like chlorinated water or heavily-fragranced oils and lotions.

Get Your Morganite Jewelry Cleaned By A Professional

Cleaning your Morganite at home is a great way to keep your rosy gems looking fresh and flashy, but don’t forget that professional cleanings are also recommended to keep your fine jewelry in tip-top shape. Once or twice a year, bring your Morganite jewelry in for high-tech polishing and expert inspection to maintain its integrity. The professionals at Monarch Jewelry are happy to help you with all your Morganite and other gemstone needs. Contact us today!