Why only do ordinary when you could do extraordinary?
Why only do ordinary when you could do extraordinary?

Many women never take off their rings, and many more consistently take their rings off before ever putting their hands in water. Which ones are taking the best care of their diamond rings? While diamonds are known as the world’s hardest substance, it doesn’t mean they can’t be dimmed or clouded by chemicals, and the metal surrounding that diamond can be dulled, scratched or dimmed, as well.

Exfoliating and Oily Soaps

For instance, exfoliating soaps are created with abrasives built into them to scrub dry, dead skin from your face and body. Those abrasive substances can scratch and dull the metal surrounding your diamond, etching the surface and dulling the luster of your beautiful setting.

Oily soaps, especially those containing lotions, are also culprits in making rings that once had a mirror-like finish appear to be matte or satin finish instead. They can also make your diamond appear cloudy, dimming the luster that is part of the stone’s value. Chlorine bleach and some other cleaners can also diminish the shine of your diamond ring.

Diamonds Are Not Indestructible

While you should take your diamond ring off before you get in the shower, be certain not to put it near another diamond in your jewelry box. If by chance you’ve found a scratch on the diamond in your ring, the most likely culprit is that the stone was scratched while in a container with another diamond. The only substance that can scratch a diamond is another diamond. Any time you’re storing a diamond ring with other diamond rings, even for short periods of time, it should be wrapped in a soft cloth or pouch to protect it from the other rings.

Bonus note: While diamonds are in the top ten hardest substances known to man, they can be brittle. It is also a good idea to taking your ring off and store it carefully any time there is a danger of an impact to your ring, such as participating in some sports, weight-lifting, construction work or other activities where your diamond could take an impact.