Why only do ordinary when you could do extraordinary?
Why only do ordinary when you could do extraordinary?

Nothing is more elegant, or sparkles brighter than a double halo engagement ring. Not only that, a double halo engagement ring setting makes your center stone the solo star on a beautiful stage since it has not one, but two halos circling your ring.  These settings are extremely versatile, giving you lots of options in terms of personalization and design. You’ll be able to craft exactly the ring you need to get the ‘Yes’ you’re dreaming of. 

The double halo has vintage appeal

If you, or your bride to be, are interested in antique or vintage designs, a double halo ring might be just the style you’ve been looking for. An Art Deco vibe can be masterfully created with the symmetrical shapes allowed by a double halo. This style can perfectly blend elegance and retro glamour. As an added bonus, vintage double halo rings can make a great statement piece because of the way a halo of accent diamonds makes a center diamond appear larger. Other vintage looks can be created using double halos with floral details because of their romantic vintage-inspired look too. 

You can customize it to suit your style

Remember that halo rings don’t have to be round. You can design your double halo ring in a variety of shapes, choosing to have the halos at the top of your ring, or even slightly hidden below your center stone.  Style, size, color, and gemstone can all be customized to match the desires of your bride-to-be. 

Double halo engagement rings are classy, not tacky

While obnoxiously large engagement rings are not in good taste, the double halo does not fall into that category. Since it can be designed with intricate details, delicate metal work, and feature a variety of diamond shapes, this style ring remains classier than other large engagement rings.  Additionally, the halos allow you to choose a smaller, more subtle center stone without sacrificing sparkle. The rows upon rows of glittering diamonds just naturally make your ring appear bigger. 

If you’re searching for a glamorous ring that will take her breath away, a double halo setting is sure to sweep her off her feet.