Monarch Jewelry buys any unwanted gold or diamonds that you wish to sell. We offer competitive prices based on the current gold standards for all trade-ins. The process is easy with us. Stop into our store and we will give you an honest evaluation of your gold and diamonds.

Monarch Gold Buying

We take pride in treating our customers with respect and providing quality service. If during your evaluation we see that you are unaware of a piece being rare or extremely valuable, we make it a point to inform you. In addition, when you sell your gold and diamonds to us, you not only benefit financially but you also help the environment. Gold can be melted down and re purposed which decreases the demand for gold mining. It’s a win-win situation. Stop by and see us here at Monarch Jewelry today.

Without seeing your jewelry, it is difficult to give you prices but here are examples of a few items we can list:



Bullion Gold

Credit Suisse bars, recently minted coins

92% of market value

Bullion Silver

Coins, Englehardt bars, other bars

92% of market value

Gold Coins

Eagles, Krugerands, Maples, Pandas

92% of market value

Silver coins

Quarters, dimes, ½ dollars minted before 1969

15 to 23 times face

Platinum jewelry

Vintage Ard Deco, Retro. Also designers.

Bring for evaluation

Gold jewelry

Designs (Tiffany & Co.,Bulgary, Harry Winston, Tacori, Verragio, Levian…)

Bring for evaluation

Silver jewelry

David Yurman, John Hardy, Georg Jensen, Judith Ripka, Tiffany & Co….

Bring for evaluation

Silver ware

Name brand patterns and hollow ware

Bring for evaluation


Many Swiss name brands (Rolex, Patek, Breitling, AudemarsPiguet, Cartier), antique watchs

Bring for evaluation


Here are a few tips and pointers:

  1. We are licensed to buy gold by the State of Florida and are required to report all items to the sheriff’s office. If you agree to sell your jewelry we will fill out a form and will need your driver’s license.
  2. The market price you see listed is the current international value of metals. This refers to the price paid by users of these metals in quantities of millions of dollars. When you sell to a gold buyer, they will in turn sell to a middleman who will sell to a refiner who will sell at the market price.
  3. Gold prices are based on the U.S. dollar. When the dollar drops in value, gold goes up and vice versa. In addition, prices are also based on world demand resulting in fluctuations.
  4. Extracting gold from the earth has a high environmental impact. Recycling gold has a far reduced effect. We refine some of the gold we buy ourselves to remake into new pieces of custom jewelry. We can also redesign some of your items, reducing the cost of new jewelry dramatically.
  5. Gold prices have been high in recent years because of changes in demand from China and India, two of the largest consumers of gold in addition to the U.S.
  6. Gold is soft and is generally alloyed with other metals to change its properties. It will contain a percentage of copper, silver and nickel.
  7. Most jewelry items are stamped with the gold karat indicating the purity of your gold. Here is a list of karats and their purity:






Canadian Maple leaf, Chinese Panda, gold bars

99.99% gold


South African Krugerand, U.S. Eagle, some middle eastern jewelry

91.6% gold


European, South American, Asian and mostly designer jewelry

75% gold


dental gold

66% gold


Most U.S. jewelry

58.3% gold


Most U.S. jewelry

41.6% gold

9Kt & under

not considered as gold if below 10karat in the U.S., mostly British jewelry

37.5 % gold & below



  1. Silver follows similar rules





Canadian Maple leaf, silver bars

99.99% silver


Most silver jewelry, silverware and hollowware

92.5% silver

Coin silver

U.S. coins prior to 1969

90% silver

800 silver

Older silverware, often from Germany and Eastern Europe

80% silver