A twist on an old classic, hoop earrings offer a more playful look than traditional earrings while still remaining fashionable and quite refined. Our selection boasts a flavor for every taste and style. Our gold earrings (both yellow and white) are exquisitely crafted from 14 karat gold and are sure to impress.

The best thing about our hoop earrings is that they are a versatile form of jewelry. No matter the occasion or the circumstance, a wedding or just a casual get together with old friends, hoop earrings simply go with everything. This quality isn’t at all common in women’s jewelry, especially when diamonds are involved. Speaking of diamonds, our diamond hoop earrings possess all the qualities of traditional hoop earrings while at the same time adding their own bold character to the mix. Classy, yet fun, timeless, yet contemporary – our hoop earrings speak for themselves.