“Spring is the in air” and “Love is all around us”!   These are typical sayings.  However, if you really look around it is so true!  Working at a jewelry store, we get to see this first hand.  So to all you guys out there considering popping the question this spring, here are some ideas to help get those creative juices flowing.


KEY TO MY HEART ~ If you are planning on going house hunting or car shopping this could be a good addition to your day.  You could start your day with shopping for cars or houses and end up at a park or romantic bistro.  You might want to include a hand written poem or letter to why she holds the key to your heart.


PICTURE PERFECT ~ This is similar to the story that we shared with you last week about Kyle proposing to Nell.  However, with this we actually placed the engagement ring in a picture frame.  The surprise ideas are endless with how you could give this to your soon to be fiancé.  One example is to create a romantic dinner for two with the works candles, music, and dimmed lights.  Tell her you drew a picture of her.  Have it hidden, when you present it to her get down on one knee before turning the frame around for her to see what she thinks is a drawing, but is actually her engagement ring in a frame.  Get the picture? 

 Monarch Jewelry Spring proposal idea Easter Egg Hunt with diamond engagement ring

HATCHED LOVE ~ This idea has the potential of being a fun weekend activity combined with romance.  The day prior to the proposal, dye Easter eggs together.   Plan to do an Easter Egg hunt the following day.  Have the special egg with the engagement ring securely attached (you might want to put it in a small organza bag), place it in your pocket. Find the perfect location, a place that she can be looking around, when she is distracted and standing next to you, get down on knee attempting to look like you have found an egg then pull the engagement egg out of your pocket.  If you do this as a family gathering make sure they are aware of your plans.  If you do the family route create arrangements ahead of time to have a celebratory dinner.  If you choose for this to be more private and intimate, have a picnic on the lawn. 


As always don’t forget the engagement ring!

If you would like to see these ideas in person they are on display in our Winter Park jewelry showroom.  Please be sure to pin ( Pinterest) your favorite ideas.  Have a wonderful love filled spring! ~ Monarch Jewelry